Khalifa Isyaku Rabiu University

Monday is a good time to start your week and push yourself to conquer the whole of your goals. For all of us at Khalifa Isyaku Rabiu University, Mondays seem like the best time to share product knowledge of the opportunities available at our campus.

Ready for a world of opportunity?

We’re looking to the future, to the students who can lead us through adversity and make the world a better place. At Khairun, we are committed to ensuring you have the opportunities you need to develop the skills required to leave a lasting impact on whatever profession you pursue.

Quality Education

Here you’ll study with experts in fields ranging from autonomous systems to literature and build close connections with our faculty, learning in a real-world, hands-on environment.

Campus Tours

Our staff of professional admissions coordinators are dedicated to helping you make the transition from high school to University.

Why Choose Us

As a newly recognised university, we are dedicated to providing our students with the best academic, social, and personal experience. We have committed to investing in both our innovative approach to education and our facilities.

Yes, Mondays are a good time to visit our campus!

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