The programme is designed to fulfil the following objectives:

  1. To prepare students with sufficient theoretical scientific knowledge base and practical skills that enable them assume professional positions as radiographers who can use the most complex medical imaging equipment and procedures.
  2. To develop in students the relevant practical and technological competence in radiography practice at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of healthcare.
  3. To assist students in the development of interpersonal skills necessary to function as members of the health team.
  4. To develop in students a high level of proficiency in conventional radiography and a good working knowledge of other imaging modalities (medical ultrasound, C.T., MRI) and radiotherapeutic procedures.
  5. To prepare students with sufficient knowledge and analytical skills that equip them for further studies, and research development.
  6. To generate in students an appreciation of the role of radiography in healthcare delivery, environmental and social relevance, e.g. photography, bioinformatics and information technology.
  7. To develop in students the spirit of entrepreneurship so that on graduation, they can cope with self-employment