Khalifa Isyaku Rabiu University

There are many things about the university that could potentially lead to a decline in admission. For most students, the fear of failing the Joint Admission and Matriculation Examinations (JAMB) and others the rejection. If you find yourself in the situation, then you are not alone. Most people go through the same experience from time to time. Rather than feeling guilty about it, here is how you can get yourself back on track and pursue your dream.

Use self-compassion.

Try to identify what you’re feeling exactly about the reasons for your declined admission, so you can address the emotion head-on. You can heal these wounds with compassionate self-talk. Tell yourself, “It’s normal to be disappointed in my past performance. I’m learning through experience.”

Stay Focused.

It’s easier to put off your application at schools that require your to try again. So build time in your daily calendar to focus on building the aspects that might be the reasons why you were denied admission. Having a regular pattern each day will make it less challenging and help make progress feel automatic, rather than cumbersome.

Learn to accept Pressure.

Don’t make the mistake of equating the previous year’s exams with all other exams. The more tolerant you become of the exams, the less you’ll you can handle the pressure. This takes practice; commit to tackling 90 minutes of at least one demanding subject each day.

Create a system for starting new tasks.

You’ll be less likely to face difficulty if you have a system for approaching them. Have consistent steps you take when you encounter something new to reduce decision fatigue about how to start.

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