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Mechatronic Engineering


Mechatronics is an emerging area of engineering arising from the increasing integration of electronic intelligence into mechanical systems. This discipline is a hybrid between Mechanical and Electronics Engineering. Alternative names are Mech-Electro Engineering and Electro-Mechanical     Engineering.    

The name ‘Mechatronics’ seems to be the most popular description of the program; hence its adoption in this document.

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field comprising the principles of mechanical, electrical, computer and controls engineering. At the intersection of several engineering fields, mechatronics aims at providing a unified solution that connects various stages of design and production processes into a single, streamlined system.

  • Be competent mechatronic engineers who are knowledgeable, skillful and able to solve complex engineering problems.
  • Have inclination towards research and lifelong learning and be able to promote entrepreneurial ideas. 
  • Be effective engineers with leadership qualities and high morals and professional ethics.

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