Thriving in University

Entering university with a less-than-ideal academic foundation can be daunting, but it’s essential to remember that your journey to success is not determined by where you start, but how you choose to navigate the path. Here are some guide for you. Personalized Support: Most universities offer academic advisors and tutoring centers to help students create […]

Life Beyond the Classroom: The Power of Volunteering

University life is more than just attending classes and hitting the books. It’s a time of personal growth, self-discovery, and building a foundation for your future. One often-overlooked aspect of this journey is the tremendous value of volunteering. Beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to learn vital skills and set themselves up for success […]

Nurturing Creativity in the Classroom

As educators, we understand the power of collaboration in the learning process. When students come together in groups, they have the opportunity not only to share knowledge but also to spark creativity collectively. Let’s take a look on how group learning can be harnessed as a potent tool for nurturing creativity in the classroom. Strength […]

Two Can Play That Game: The Power of Studying Together

In the realm of education, the saying “two can play that game” takes on a whole new meaning. Collaboration in studying isn’t just a strategy; it’s a powerful approach that can transform the learning experience. Shared Perspectives, Deeper Understanding:Studying with a partner provides the opportunity to exchange insights and perspectives. Explaining concepts to each other […]

Learning from Those Who’ve Been There

Sometimes, the path to success in higher education isn’t just about attending lectures and hitting the books. It’s also about learning from those who’ve already walked the road you’re about to embark on. Imagine having access to the expertise, insights, and resources of individuals who have successfully navigated the challenges of higher education. Welcome to […]

KHAIRUN Appoints Professor Abdulrashid Garba as First Vice-Chancellor

Khalifa Isyaku Rabiu University, Kano (KHAIRUN) is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Abdulrashid Garba as its inaugural Vice-Chancellor. With an impressive career spanning over 33 years, Professor Abdulrashid Garba brings a wealth of teaching, research, and community service experiences to his new leadership role. The appointment of Professor Abdulrashid Garba as Vice-Chancellor was […]

The Bag is A Symbol of Identity

In the bustling world of student life, a simple accessory stands as a beacon of individuality—the bag, a practical purpose that has become a powerful symbol of identity. Do you know that the student’s bag is no longer a mere accessory but a gateway to self-expression, reflecting their personality, interests, and aspirations. It holds the […]

Who is Your Study Buddy? The Importance of Collaboration in Education

In the journey of education, having a study buddy can make a significant difference in your academic success. Let’s explore the concept of a study buddy and highlight the importance of collaboration in education. Discover how finding the right study buddy can enhance your learning experience, boost motivation, and improve overall academic performance. The Benefits […]

What Makes Studies Cool: Discovering the Excitement of Learning

Introduction: In a world filled with distractions and ever-evolving trends, it’s easy to overlook the coolness of studies. However, education is a gateway to endless possibilities, personal growth, and intellectual empowerment. In this educational blog post, we will explore what makes studies cool and why embracing the joy of learning can positively impact our lives. […]

I Wish,” Say “I Will”: The Power of Action and Determination

In the journey of personal and academic growth, it is not uncommon to encounter dreams and aspirations. Many of us find ourselves uttering the phrase, “I wish I could…” when contemplating our goals. However, it’s time to shift our mindset and embrace the power of action and determination. Instead of mere wishes, let us adopt […]